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Enoch Bartlett Sears AIA
From the Desk of:

Enoch Bartlett Sears AIA
Founder and Publisher
Business of Architecture

February 12, 2018
Dear colleague,

Make no mistake, architects are fighting a 'silent' war.  

This is a war fought not with bombs, but in the hearts and minds those who commission buildings.

Unfortunately, this war hits small firms hardest (who make up over 50% of all firms internationally).

     - Why do many clients view architects as a commodity?
     - Why are clients demanding more service for less fees?
     - Why are clients happy to cut design up-front, but pay much more to fix problems and mistakes later?

This silent war is real, and it hit me in the face like a sledgehammer 11 years ago when I was talking with an architect colleague at a local AIA networking event.

This particular architect has been involved with many landmark projects and has 35 years of experience under his belt.

And yet when I talked with him he told me how he didn't have any projects and was struggling just to pay the bills.

He told me how he had built up his practice over the years to be highly respected in our local community.

He remembered a time when the phone would just ring with amazing opportunities to work on exciting projects.

Although he still has 15 years of working life ahead of him, his former clients have retired.

Instead of enjoying a life of skiing and visiting grandchildren, he's worried about how he'll pay for mounting medical expenses.

Instead of being able to retire to a comfortable location and enjoy the prime of his life, his investment portfolio is worth half of what he feels he needs.

Instead of continuing to work on projects that stimulate and challenge him, he was happy to pick up the most basic remodel.

I thought to myself, "How could someone who deserves so much respect feel so shattered and hopeless?"

"How could this man, with such deep, varied and valuable experience, be reduced to just hoping to pay the bills?"

I knew at this point there was some piece of the picture that most architects didn't understand.

I pictured myself 20 years down the road in the same situation, and it made my stomach clench.

I knew I had to do something differently to not go down the same path.

I knew design and how to draw a building, but how to earn an incredible income and build an sustainable and fulfilling business seemed like such a mystery.

This started my multi-year deep-dive study of the business of architecture.

I started interviewing architects from around the world and started a podcast to share with other architects what I was finding.

As I talked to architect after architect, you know what I found?

Most architects struggle with the same problem: how to bring in challenging, profitable projects on a consistent basis.

This is the bottleneck that keeps their firms at a plateau, that keeps them running from meeting to meeting but never getting ahead.

Then, back in 2013, I got a suprising email from an architect in New Zealand.

She wrote:
"Dear Enoch - I am starting to implement marketing strategies for architects and as a result I am very busy! It really works once you get the hang of it..."

"Have just been nominated for local business awards here in NZ - so feeling good!"

Mona Quinn
Well here was an entirely different story!

As you can imagine I was fascinated.

What was this magic "architect marketing" she was using?

I interviewed her on the Business of Architecture podcast, and she shared her story.

It turns out a few months previous she had gone to a seminar at her local business chamber put on by a "high-priced" marketing consultant.

He was preaching an entirely different type of marketing from what she had ever heard before.

He gave examples of his past clients who had grown their incomes and businesses using the marketing strategies he teaches.

Mona was skeptical.

What he preached sounded good, but would it work for her?

She wasn't sure.

In any case, it didn't matter because as a relatively young architect who had just left a larger firm, she knew she didn't have the $10K + to pay his coaching fee.

She also lacked a bit of confidence.

Deep down, the thought of growing her practice and trying something new was a bit scary.

Would these strategies really work for her?

A few days passed, and she thought of her young child and future trying to grow a profitable and enjoyable architecture practice while juggling the demands of a family.

Finally out of pure frustration, she decided that nothing would change unless she took action, even if she had to sacrifice.

The pain of doing nothing was just too great...

She had a drive for success and decided she'd do whatever it took to achieve her dream.

She came up with the money, invested in the coaching, and hired the "mystery marketing man" Richard Petrie.

Richard taught her that consistent clients and great projects could be had by building on the 4 pillars of marketing for architects.
The 4 Pillars of Marketing a Design Practice
1. Client Attraction
2. Nurturing
3. Winning
4. Repeat Referrals

He taught her that by creating educational material based on her potential client's key concerns, fears, and worries she could discover who was thinking about doing a project - before they ever talked to another architect.

He taught her how to continue to add value over time so that she could follow up with these potential clients without being 'salesy' or annoying.

He taught her how to break her 'sales process' into smaller pieces so that potential clients saw her as the only and obvious choice - even if her fees were double that of other architects.

He taught her how taking the role of 'educator' for her clients flipped the tables and had them begging to work with her, instead of her chasing clients.

Listen to Mona as she describes her transformation in her own words:
Using the strategies I outlined above is how Mona was able to triple her revenues and work with 'wonderful clients'.

Now you've read this article this far, and I know you want to know how to bring in great projects consistently.

That's why I'm bringing Richard, Mona, and other successful architects to New York City.

Now you can sit in the room and get the entire strategy that Richard used to help Mona achieve a life of freedom and fulfilling projects.
The Architect Business Development Summit 2018
The Architect Business Development Summit is a 2-day event specifically for owners and partners of design firms (with staff of 0 - 50) who want better projects with bigger budgets, but aren't sure how to get there.

At this event, you'll discover how to create high-quality, consistent demand for your firm's design services in the next 12 months (or less). 

The focus of this event is on how to create this demand even if your current firm is "invisible" and not on the radar of potential clients.

Several of our successful clients will be taking the stage to share the exact strategies they are using to generate client inquiries in their practices, grow their revenue, and up-level the caliber and scope of projects they win.
Here are just some of the things you'll discover during this 2-day event:
  • How to turn the battle of downward fee pressure
  • How to overcome the 'free advice' expectation and grow your revenue by getting paid for your expertise and insights
  • How to quickly differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • The simple 4-step translation exercise that transforms a technical talking architect into a canny project winner (without coming across as 'salesy')
  • What other successful architects are doing to attract more clients with better projects and bigger budgets
  • The 'Police Hostage Negotiator' questioning technique that bypasses the resistance of the logical mind to motivate potential clients to move ahead
  • The latest tips on how to use the internet to market your practice and give your firm an edge
What To Expect
Unlike other events with a random collection of speakers, this event is choreographed to help you figure out exactly what you need to do right now to move your firm towards a High Profile Practice. Here's some of what you'll discover during this 2-day event:
Chapter #1: Setting The Stage For Predictable Leads
Most architects approach business development as a 'one-off' activity. And yet generating real leads for an architecture practice takes time and consistency.

You'll discover why it's important to identify exactly who you want to serve, and how to hone-in on the 'deep-pocket' clients who can afford to pay for (and appreciate) good design.

Richard Petrie
World's Leading Architect Marketing Coach
Chapter #2: How To Build a Client Attraction "Machine" For Your Architecture Practice
Most architects don't have a clue about how to actually TAKE CONTROL of the project inquiries they get.

The typical strategy is to do the best work they can, and then wait for the referrals to come rolling in.

The reality is quite the opposite - a feast or famine cycle of having too much work and being stretched thin, or a feeling of quite desperation wondering where the next client will come from.

In this presentation by AMI co-founder and expert architectural marketer Enoch Sears, you'll discover specific strategies for attracting and winning great projects consistently, instead of spinning around in circles dealing with price-shopping clients who don't appreciate the value of design.

Applying the strategies you learn in this presentation will be a game-changer for your practice.

Enoch Sears AIA
co-Founder Architect Marketing Institute
Founder + Publisher Business Of Architecture
Peer Reviews
Brandon Reed
Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Sharon George
Austin, TX, USA
David Businelli
Staten Island, NY, USA
John Jones
Westport, CT, USA
Keynote: "How We Doubled Our Profit Year Over Year Using AMI's Marketing Strategies"
Solam and James Sizer, both directors of SA Architectural Services, joined AMI's Design Firm Accelerator in March of 2017.

After quickly implementing some of the initial strategies, they immediately saw results in their firm and a massive addition to the bottom line.

James Sizer implemented the Low Commitment Consultation strategy (LCC) right away and added the equivalent of $60k USD to the firm's revenue (plus they saved many hours of non-billable time they used to give away).

"I used to give away a lot of time for free," says James. "In the past, I would have gone to their house for free in a vain hope that would appeal to their criteria for employing us - and I would have wasted my time."

In this keynote presentation, James and Solam Sizer will reveal the exact strategies they've used to double their profit in under 12 months, which they've used to hire new staff and grow the business.

Solam and James Sizer
SA Architectural Services
Norwich, UK
Chapter #4: How To Turn Lookers Into Bookers
Architect Marketing Coach Richard Petrie will reveal one powerful strategy for winning the project (even when the client is shopping other architects).

You'll discover how you can make your firm the only logical choice.
Chapter #5: Lightning Rounds
Member of our A-Team mastermind and Design Firm Accelerator program will reveal the exact strategies they've used to find new clients and generate demand for their services. Use their success for inspiration in your local market!
BONUS: Live Hot Seats:
Sit back and watch as architects take the stage and present our panel of experts with their biggest marketing challenges. You'll be informed and inspired as you listen to the solutions given to these architects in real-time.

This is 100% unrehearsed - you've never seen anything like this before!
Event Schedule*
*Speaking topics subject to change
Thursday, May 24
9:30am - Setting The Stage For Predictable Leads (Richard Petrie)

10:30am - How To Build a Client Attraction 'Machine' For Your Architecture Practice (Enoch Sears)

1:00pm - KEYNOTE: How We Doubled Our Profit Year Over Year Using AMI's Marketing Strategies (Solam and James Sizer)

2:00pm - How to Turn Lookers Into Bookers (Richard Petrie)

3:00pm - Lightning Round: The Number One Thing That Gets Me Leads (Academy Members)

4:00pm - Lead Generation Review

5:00pm - End Day 1
Friday, May 25
9:30am - Selling Without Selling (Richard Petrie)

10:30am - Transformation Presentations (Various Speakers)

11:30am - Breakouts: Cold Prospecting (Enoch/Richard), Internet Marketing (Eric)

1:00pm - How to Be the Eagle (Richard Petrie)

2:00pm - Hot Seats 1:  (Richard/Enoch/Eric)

3:00pm - Hot Seats 2: (Richard/Enoch/Eric)

4:00pm - Closing Remarks & CEU Certificates (Richard Petrie)

5:00pm - End Day 2
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You'll get value far in excess of your investment of time and money by attending this event - that is why we offer this incredible guarantee.
Marriott Marquis Times Square
1535 Broadway, NY 10036
Across the street from Times Square and surrounded by theaters, this modern high-rise hotel is a 3-minute walk from a subway station and 17 minute walk from the Empire State building. 

Click here to see location on Google Maps

For accommodation and parking visit the Marriott Marquis Times Square website or phone +1 (212) 398-1900.

Dress Code & Weather
*Weather subject to change without warning! :)
Weather in New York City at this time of year averages from a low of 55°F to high of 75°F. 
Dress Code
For the general sessions and breakouts… 

Casual and comfortable - Jeans, shirt, or business casual. Bring a light jacket as the conference room may get cold. 

For after hours events...

Party attire for evening networking. Guys bring a collared shirt just in case.
Would You Like To Get Results Like This?
Instead of doubting, ‘I just did it’
"I think one of the hidden pieces to it is something that Richard Petrie and I talked about ... I got out of my own way and, instead of second guessing and doubting some of the marketing strategies and tools that they were teaching us, I just did it. I stopped coming up with excuses. I stopped doubting it and I just went forward and did it. The results have come back and I’ve got to say that I'm pretty pleased with them. Stick with it. This works."

Shannon Doyle
SPD Architecture
Fort Collins, Colorado
36-year-old firm systematizes, becomes more profitable
"Before Architect Marketing, we tended to approach marketing in a very reactionary way, so that meant that we would wait for proposals to come or request for proposals … Since we've done this course, we have implemented a few things. The inner circle [and] the newsletter to our inner circle using a modified version of the templates provided by Architect Marketing. We've started using the Low Commitment Consultation in our proposals, which … certainly eases them in … We've also implemented the systematized referrals as well as the flow chart.

I want to thank all of you, String and Richard and Enoch, for giving us the insight into systematizing certainly our marketing, but also giving us a new approach to looking at other areas of the practice … As a new generation of leadership takes over for the firm, we look to the systematizing of all the areas of our practice, so that our practice can be scalable as well as more profitable."

Chris Doktor
Olson Lewis + Architects
Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts
From pigeon-hole to profitable niche
"As an expert [in Universal Design], the outside world, I think, sees me differently … I was called for a quote from a journalist [and] I was able using the tools of the AMA to convert that phone call from a quote into being the prime source for the whole article. Then, the day that the article came out, I got a call from Madison, Wisconsin. It was somebody who was organizing a symposium and wanted to have me there as a speaker.

We got a project recently that's a $400,000 remodel, and then another one last week that's a new winery. I've never done a winery before, but these people were so confident about my process and my structure that I had to offer them, and the questions that I was asking them, that I got both of these projects with just a half-hour phone consultation and a presentation of my system. It's incredibly exciting to have new types of work coming in the door like that."

Erik Mikiten
Mikiten Architecture
Berkeley, California
Multi-lingual architect in Spain finds her niche
There weren't enough leads and we weren't making money and I was sick of it. I was actually thinking of changing career when I came across the Architect Marketing Institute and it all sounded, actually, pretty good. The main thing is that we identified a group of clients that was going to be good-value clients for us to go for. It was so screamingly obvious, but we weren't doing it. [Now] we very openly go for that market and that actually is the market with money at the moment. Things are getting better in Spain, but that's the market that's improving most rapidly. Now, I'm earning money and that's fantastic. So thank you!

Co Govers
Zest Architecture
Barcelona, Spain
What are the dates of the Architect Business Development Summit?
It is happening May 24 & 25, 2018 in New York City.

What is the venue for the event?
Marriott Marquis Times Square,1535 Broadway, NY 10036

I'm trying to book my travel. What times do I need to know about?
The event will start at 9:00 AM and conclude around 5:30 PM each day. 

Why is this event significantly less expensive than similar events I have been to?
We have training, coaching and consulting programs many times higher the fee you see here. We are putting this event on to help architects who are committed to getting better income and incredible projects.
Is this event only for architects?
Although the majority of our clients are architects, we also have interior designers, landscape architects and design-build firms in our ranks. Basicaly, if you have (or want to build) a successful lead generation system in your practice, then this LIVE event is for you!

Can I Bring My Spouse Or Business Partner?
Because of our VERY limited seating, every person must purchase a pass to get into the event. If you signup with a guest, you do get a discount (excludes purchases of tickets at early bird/promotional pricing). Email us as soon as you purchase your first ticket.

Can I Get A Refund If I Can't Attend?
Because of the limited availability of seats for the event, we are unable to provide a refund, however, you can nominate someone else to take your place.
About The Organizers
Richard Petrie
Richard is the world's leading architect marketing coach with a degree in marketing from University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

Formerly he was a professional athlete for the New Zealand national cricket team where he competed at the highest levels of athletic competition around the world.

He’s the author of the book, “What To Do When Your Marketing Sucks” and consulted with architects and business leaders from around the world.
Enoch Bartlett Sears AIA
Enoch Bartlett Sears is a licensed California architect, author of the book “Social Media for Architects”, and publisher of Business of Architecture - a community that helps architects get better income and lifestyle.

He is personally known as an expert marketer who helps architects book meetings with hard-to-reach potential clients.
Eric Bobrow
Eric is the world's foremost Internet Marketing Strategist for architects.

He has helped hundreds of architects grow their businesses including a UK firm who was able to add an extra $500,000 in billings directly as a result of his consulting work on their internet marketing strategy.

He's worked with architects for the past 20 years helping them use systems and tools to streamline and grow their practices.

His YouTube channel has over 3,100,000 views and more than 20,000 subscribers.
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