"My gross income went up TWO AND A HALF times... it gave my husband the confidence to quit his job at Google... I'm the sole income earner for a Silicon Valley family" 

– Jennifer Kretschmer, Architect

“Learn How You Can Easily Set Up...

A Marketing System That Attracts High-Fee Design Projects For Your Firm Around The Clock

We're So Confident That With Your New Marketing System, You'll Attract More Of The RIGHT Projects, With The RIGHT Clients ...
We Guarantee 100+% ROI Within 90 Days to All Our Members
But, I’m not asking you to become a member today. 

First let's get to know each other... 

In this call we will evaluate your current marketing initiatives – for free –  and pin point the exact areas to work on to get the biggest return in the next 90-days. (All proven strategies based on market data we've gathered working with over 600 architects in past 7 years). 

We'll even give you a free, 1-page "Architect Marketing Roadmap" based on our recommendations so you can implement what you learn. 

Here’s the deal…

Richard Petrie

Co-Founder, Architect Marketing Institute

Co Govers, ZEST Architecture, Barcelona, Spain:

"[I'll be] throwing a huge party in my new house (which I could afford partly thanks to your guidance in the marketing department...) [these strategies have] CHANGED MY LIFE!!"
Dear Architect, 

We are looking to work closely with 5 more people this month to "install" our proven Architect Marketing system. This is a system that pays for itself within 90 days.

If you are one of them...
  • We will help you attract a steady flow of the right kind of design projects (the kind that give you creative freedom AND high fees)...
  • ​We'll help you get paid up to $3,000 just to quote each project... 
  • ​And we'll make sure you get a 100+% return on your investment  – within 90-days – guaranteed
 This is the exact same system that has helped over 600 other Architects.

People like...
Tim Alatorre, (principal of Domum) who says:
When I found AMI two years ago, I was in a pretty dark place. I worked hard. My firm was busy. But I was broke.

Now, I'm in control of my life and my business. I'm working on exciting projects. Every time I speak to someone at AMI, I come away with a tool that lifts a weight off my shoulders.

We've gotten published by over 100 media outlets, including CNN, Dezeen, ArchDaily, The New York Post, and The Daily Show. People are calling and emailing and begging to work with us. I finally feel free. I bought a Tesla - I call it my happiness machine."

And then there's...
Michele Dempsey, (president of DxDempsey), who says… 
"Four years ago, I had built my own prison. I didn't know how to get out of it. The sky was falling and I couldn't see the firm's future.

Finally, through AMI, we have defined our niche. We know who we are and can communicate our value to clients… I've learned how much stories can strengthen relationships and attract the kind of projects I really love."

Shannon Doyle (from SPD Architecture), who says…
“Since joining AMI, I've more than doubled my income… Basically, I got out of my own way. Instead of second guessing the marketing, I just moved forward and did it. Now, I have greater confidence and my clients know the value I bring."

(Plus there are hundreds more success stories just like these – dozens more on this page alone.)

All Of These People Followed Two Simple Steps To Radically Transform Their Businesses...

Step #1: They booked a FREE Strategy Call On This Page


Step #2: They listened! 

They followed our advice, and worked with us to take massive action to implement our proven marketing system.

It's that simple. 
In the strategy session, you’ll speak to a senior member of our team – Sue Asinas.

She’ll get up to speed with your current situation and goals…

She'll diagnose your biggest marketing challenge…

And then…

Based on 7 years of experience helping Architects to grow their businesses, she’ll help you work out whether one of our programs will take you where you want to go.

If so, great!

We’ll get to work and help you with everything you need to open up a consistent flow of your ideal design projects. 

✅ We’ll help you define your niche

✅ We’ll help you create all the proven advertising material

✅ We’ll help you get paid up to $3,000 for EVERY initial consultation

✅ And we’ll help you command the high fees that even doctors or lawyers would be proud of

 In fact, we have an entire library of templates and strategies we can literally “plug and play” inside your business to get all these results (and more) very, very quickly. 

And We're So Confident We'll Grow Your Business With The RIGHT Sort Of Projects – We Guarantee It...

If you decide to become a member and you don't make at least 100% return in the first 3-months, I'll personally help you, 1-on-1 for free until you do. 

And, in the unprecedented case that fails, I'll give you 100% of your money back. 

No questions. No delay. 

So really, all the help we give you is 100% FREE because it will be paid for out of money we literally create for you out of thin air. 

Of course...

If, after the call, you decide you do NOT want to become a member, that’s fine too. 

Sue will give you some resources to help you along your way and wish you the best of luck (no sales pitches or pressure). 

Either way, there will be no pressure and this will be an extremely valuable call. 

We've worked with thousands of architects in the past... so if you come to us with a marketing problem, chances are we've already seen that problem 10, 15, maybe even 20 times before. And we'll simply know if we can help you, and we’ll know how likely each strategy is to succeed. 

In other words, Sue will offer you insights that will give you HUGE clarity over your marketing options, entirely for free. 

We'll even hand you a free 1-page "Architect Marketing Roadmap" so you can go away and start implementing what you learn. 

Having said that...

These strategy sessions are limited and only for serious architects and building design professionals who:

 ✅ Are the owner or manager of their firm. 
 ✅ Create great work for clients.
 ✅ Are willing to change the way they do things in order to grow to improve.

So, if you meet those criteria, and want clarity about how to grow your firm… and attract better clients and projects you're actually proud of …

Apply for a free one-on-one session by clicking the button below.

See you soon, 
Richard Petrie

P.S. Once you click the button to book your free, no-obligation Strategy Session 3 things will happen: 

1) You'll be asked for some basic contact details (so we know how to contact you)

2) You'll then be asked to book a time for your call (so we know when to contact you)

3) Then, at the time you've selected, Sue will give you a call and start putting a plan in place thats guaranteed to attract you far more good projects at far higher fees. 

Click the button now and we look forward to meeting you soon. 
Here Are EVEN MORE Success Stories...
(Watch These Short Videos To See What Others Are Saying)
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Instead of doubting, ‘I just did it’
"I think one of the hidden pieces to it is something that Richard Petrie and I talked about ... I got out of my own way and, instead of second guessing and doubting some of the marketing strategies and tools that they were teaching us, I just did it. I stopped coming up with excuses. I stopped doubting it and I just went forward and did it. The results have come back and I’ve got to say that I'm pretty pleased with them. Stick with it. This works."

Shannon Doyle
SPD Architecture
Fort Collins, Colorado
Architect takes ownership, grows firm
“We're kicking butt:)

I've moved from being a technician to being a business owner. I've just hired my second full time employee and fourth independent contractor. We are clearly growing as the market leader in our niche and are receiving weekly inquiries to work with our team.”

Zeke Freeman
Root Architecture and Design
Denver, Colorado, USA
Multi-lingual architect in Spain finds her niche
There weren't enough leads and we weren't making money and I was sick of it. I was actually thinking of changing career when I came across the Marketing Academy and it all sounded, actually, pretty good. The main thing is that we identified a group of clients that was going to be good-value clients for us to go for. It was so screamingly obvious, but we weren't doing it. [Now] we very openly go for that market and that actually is the market with money at the moment. Things are getting better in Spain, but that's the market that's improving most rapidly. Now, I'm earning money and that's fantastic. So thank you!

Co Govers
Zest Architecture
Barcelona, Spain
After 20 years of doing it wrong … Success!
"For the last 20 years, I've been a struggling single-person practice. Always had lots of clients. Never made any money. They were all giving me a lot of grief and not paying me very much, so I joined the Architects Marketing group less than a year ago in an attempt to do something about it. My aim was to thin out my clients, so I have adopted two strategies: Firstly, charge to go and see someone. ‘That'll thin them out,’ I thought, so right … Nope, it just meant that they started paying me, and they started saying things like, ‘Wow you can charge to come and see us? You must be good.’

Still too much work. Okay, need to put my fees up. Well, I put my fees up 300%. That's surely now going to stop people from wanting to use me, and I can get on with doing some work. Nope, that just meant that now people are paying me more. Twenty years of doing it wrong, now I have a drafting technician. I have a graduate architect working for me, and I have a BA in spacial design and interior design working for me as well."

Darryl Mackenzie
New Zealand
Her best year yet, approaching $1M
"Thank you all, I really appreciate your support. I love being part of this Architect Marketing group … I'm actually on track to have my best year ever. Pretty close to hitting $1M this year, which is about 40% higher than last year, so not too shabby, I'd say. All this massive action is starting to pay off."

Tanya Shively
Sesshu Design Associates
Scottsdale, Arizona
From ‘haphazard marketing’ to part of a community
"From my personal experience, I felt like, before we started in this program, all we knew how to do in terms of marketing was to put up a website, maybe ask around for referrals and hope that some of these random efforts would pan out. It all felt kind of haphazard. Now I feel like we have a whole system for marketing.

I think the most profound change that we've experienced is a psychological change and that, if I were to summarize the benefits of this program that we've gone through in just one word, that word would be connection. Whereas before, we were slugging away at this marketing effort on our own, now we feel really a bit more connected to a community of architects helping each other with their marketing efforts."

Tyrone Yang
Yang Architects
Greater Boston, Massachusetts, Area
Winning more projects at higher fees
Very positive results so far. Although only 30%-40% of my overall marketing plan is in place, I'm closing a higher percentage of projects and at higher fees.

Attitude toward marketing has changed dramatically - actually excited about it for the first time - ever!

Spending less time chasing "bad" projects and focusing on the niche in which we are best suited to excel.”

Dan Sherer
Sherer Architects
West Columbia, SC, USA
Firm reignites drive to develop client relationships
“Positive responses from existing and potential clients. Growing engagement from our team to explore a better way of presenting the practice. Increased confidence to express the value we offer in a language the client understands. Self awareness of the old bad ways of our accidental architectural practice.

The team has refocused on what is important to our clients and what is important to us.

This engagement has reignited our drive to develop client relationships and put the fun and challenge back into the office culture. It is the start of a long journey that everyone is on board and enjoying. Much, much more to do.”

Dennis Butler
Vabasis Architects
Greenslopes, QLD, Australia
Secured better quality projects
I no longer give free consultations, thus eliminating the tire kickers and Walmartians. My clients are ready to buy my way or they take the highway. I have secured several better quality projects as a result and spent less time punishing myself.”

Ron Halfhill
Verdant Ventures
Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Had to decline projects due to too much work!
Excellent, within 2 months of targeting a new design-build contractor, I had two new substantial residential addition/renovations, and several more leads that I had to decline due to too much work.

Thomas Downer
Downer Associates
Cambridge, MA, USA
Major planning and design project won
We entered into a needs and options contract for $5,000, and that turned into a major Master Planning and Design project with $2,000,000 in fees, along with a marketing agreement with the client.”

Vincent Pieri
Pieri Architects
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Architect finds freedom … and fun!
"What was 2e Architects like before we met Architect Marketing, say, five years ago? We were doing any project that came through the door. That meant additions, renovations, that kind of stuff, but it also meant basements. It even meant a small porch. Now, we're doing whole-house renovations. We're doing brand new homes. We're very selective about the clients we accept. That means I get to pick and choose which projects I want to work on but, just as importantly, which clients I want to work with. That makes everyone happier. The matches are closer and more successful. Life is a little bit more fun. It's a great thing."

Peter Twohy
2e Architects
Towson, Maryland
Raised average fee per project
“LCC & multi-option proposals have worked a treat to raise the average fee per project.”

Duncan Sinclair
Whanganui, New Zealand
36-year-old firm systematizes, becomes more profitable
"Before Architect Marketing, we tended to approach marketing in a very reactionary way, so that meant that we would wait for proposals to come or request for proposals … Since we've done this course, we have implemented a few things. The inner circle [and] the newsletter to our inner circle using a modified version of the templates provided by Architect Marketing. We've started using the Low Commitment Consultation in our proposals, which … certainly eases them in … We've also implemented the systematized referrals as well as the flow chart.

I want to thank all of you, String and Richard and Enoch, for giving us the insight into systematizing certainly our marketing, but also giving us a new approach to looking at other areas of the practice … As a new generation of leadership takes over for the firm, we look to the systematizing of all the areas of our practice, so that our practice can be scalable as well as more profitable."

Chris Doktor
Olson Lewis + Architects
Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts
Solo practitioner competes with big firms
More clients that are ready to move forward more quickly. Increased profit. I'm a start up firm so learning how to market well is key to moving forward and getting to the stuff that actually pays.

Large firms have full time marketing staff and principals whose jobs it is to get the work. Solo firms - 1 head and I don't know how many hats.”

Greg Croft
Sage Leaf Group
Idaho Falls, ID, USA
From recession to leveraging power of social media
"Since joining Architect Marketing, my eyes have been opened. I thought that I knew how to market my firm but I very quickly learned that I did not … I had been lulled into complacency after the years of growing the firm. I had a staff of 12 prior to the recession. In 2008, when everything crashed, I shed staff and by the fall of 2010, it was only myself and my business partner. My firm was in survival mode for years. In that time, I searched on and off for a marketing education devoted to architects ... to no avail.

Upon joining AMI, I discovered that I already had many of the things discussed in place … I had been utilizing social media to the best of my ability for several years and I've really ramped it up in recent months but I had never thought that it all could be codified into a useful and powerful marketing strategy."

David Businelli
Studio 16 Architecture
Staten Island, New York
Studio busier, happier
“With targeting our niches, we're doing less wheel spinning and chasing inappropriate work.

By thinking about the LCC we’ve started packaging an introductory scope and fee for quick turnaround of proposals. A sense of spending time more effectively. We are busier, partially due to AMA.”

Gary Moshier
Moshier Studiomoshierstudio.com
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Architect learns best practices
“The training has given me a lot of new ideas, which, with many others I have learnt over the years of practice, have been able to be brought together into a good process for dealing with potential clients.

The monkey's fist and systematic follow up emails is a good way of securing contacts. I feel a lot more confident having a process to work through when dealing with initial contact from potential clients, as well as a way of following up with them after that first contact.”

Peter Hill
Hill Architects
Glebe, NSW, Australia

Almost 100% conversion from enquiries to paid appraisals
“Excellent response to LCC Needs & Options Appraisal (N+O). New approach to client enquiries leading to almost 100% take up of N+O Appraisals.

Great basis for taking job forward within office as formal brief established. Also helps to weed out one or two clients who don't want to pay!

More efficient process in dealing with new clients. Guides for clients found to be very useful. N+O appraisal excellent start for new projects. Now too busy to move other areas of marketing but conscious of the need to do so!”

Rod Hughes
2030 Architects
Penrith, United Kingdom
Got hired for full package, no price haggling
“Recent exercise of pricing options had great results. Got hired for a full package of services without price haggling. Will definitely keep this from now on.”

Roderick Anderson
Sarco Architects
Costa Rica
Not wasting time on unqualified prospects
“LCC [low-commitment consultation] works great. Not wasting time on tyre kickers.”

Carol Marrayeh
Marra + Yeh Architects
Darlington, NSW, Australia
Increased gross revenues
“Positive results: Increased gross revenues and good conversion rate.”

Lawrence Schreiber
Lawrence S Schreiber, Architect, Inc.
Lakewood, NJ, USA
Getting more traffic to website
I seem to be getting more traffic to my website and have had 6 people download my free guide since implementation in the past month.

Cameron Maltby
Maltby Design
North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Armed with the right marketing
“I feel I am armed with not only right weapons but also the best to prove my worth projects right from the first meeting to the last bit of the design phase.”

Samson Omara
Lira, Uganda
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