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How to Get Through the Next 3 to 6 Months When No One is Building

Has there ever been a time like now?

Ladies and gentlemen you have two options, You can crawl under a rock and roll into the fetal position or you can DO something. Running a business isn’t like driving a car that runs out of gas and stalls, it’s more like riding a bike that requires you to keep pedaling. If you stop pedaling you don’t just stall you FALL.

If you don’t see construction projects lining up at your door then is time to pedal and PIVOT. 

“PIVOT” …thats an easy word to throw around but no one tells you HOW so listen and listen carefully. What you are about to read, if you act upon it will not only save your business but redirect you to higher earnings once this crazy situation is over.

The Myth

Most architects think they provide value in 2 stages, they DESIGN stuff and then they CONSTRUCT stuff. This limited view is why you get ripped off, this is why you waste time on unqualified prospects and this is why architects, just like you, get your ideas stolen. 

 The GOOD thing about the Covid-19 Virus is it forces architects to open up to change. The changes you make now will serve you well in any environment beyond the Corona Economy.
So you may not be able to sell construction right now. Very few clients are mentally ready for the uncertainty. So you need to ask yourself a better question. ‘What CAN I sell now?’, ‘How can I stay afloat?’

To answer this we need to break up the process of getting a project completed. 
There are THREE phases not two. Design and construction (obviously) but there is also a consulting phase. The phase most architects undervalue and GIVE AWAY for free.

I am not just asking you to put a value for this service. I am demanding that you formally package up consulting services and put a fair price on them. Right now architects and designers need to think, act and charge like a professional, like a lawyer, like a surgeon who charges for the analysis or diagnosis BEFORE they start to cut.

My most successful clients now make significant money in their ‘consulting department’. Maybe not as much money as in design and project management but enough to stay afloat in times like now. They love the money and stability this brings, but they really  love the way that being paid for advice puts a value on their knowledge.

It’s natural for clients to want to ‘pick your brain’. What isn’t natural is for a professional to answer all the questions and give away the advice without an invoice.

OK that’s good in theory but let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

I want you to build a consulting department within your design firm that has enough clients so when construction start to swing again you have lots of projects ready to go.

WHAT is this ‘consulting’ and WHO would want it?

I will let you into a little secret. I am a small-time ‘developer’, in fact my latest project was supposed to start day #1 of the lockdown. The point is I know how developers think. 

While you are thinking something like:

• Great design
• Making your design as green as possible 
• Making your design beautiful and sustainable 
The developer investor is thinking…

1) How can I protect my capital (money) 
2) How can I make the most profit 
3) How can I get great design/green/sustainable? without sacrificing 1) and 2) 

Notice the order. They are playing a game and their money and reputation is on the line. That’s why developers can be so hard to deal with, because they don’t think like you, but when you do this they will come running.

Good developers, investors and the rich LOVE times of crisis. I will spell out why in a moment and it will make complete sense. First let’s discuss this ‘consulting department’. 

OK, so your consulting department, which might just be you, manages any research, analysis, or feasibility matters relating to a project. Rather than give it away I want you to formalize these things. By formalize I mean give them a name, a promise, a set process and a price. This is a lot easier than you think and I will teach you how to do it step by step.

This will allow you to offer consulting products

WHEN SOMETHING IS A PRODUCT YOU CAN SELL IT. When it is an informal abstract discussion - it’s hard to get people to pay for it because they do not understand what they are getting. 

You need to get this step right. Like I said earlier, I will teach you - better still I will GIVE you tools, videos, explanations and scripts you need. 

Now the WHO. Think like a marketer, who wants projects to start now? Not everyone, of course, BUT some people WILL be eager to have projects ready to go after the crisis is over? 

Who are they? …

The ‘Perfect Storm’ For Opportunity Hunters

Developers, investors and the rich who are not affected by any of this situation financially.  

These people LOVE a great crisis because everything get discounted - land, labor, materials, interest rates. This is when developers and the cashed-up make HUGE piles of money. 

YOU may not think this way but there are a number of people who are licking their lips. These people probably made money in 2008 and are working out how to make money in 2020-2021. The next 3 months is “Planning Season” for these people. 

Help the ‘Opportunity Hunters’ to capitalize and they will reward you.

I Am Looking for 20 Daring Architects

I am looking for 20 daring architects to work with me to achieve results against the tide.

This pilot group of 20 architects will work intensively together for 90 days. You will set up a suite of consulting products ideally suited to developers, investors and people with financial reserves. We will all work on developing these products and even share resources.

In addition to group sessions, you and I will meet one-on-one to ensure that you are doing everything right. Normally, my one-on-one coaching is only available to our high end Mastermind members. I've broken my own rules for this program!

There is no other group of architects on the planet who will be doing this or even understand what we are doing.

Those who join our pilot will use my done-for-you scripts, emails and video with prospective clients.

We will document every result and we will share and learn from every success. This is a high performance team that doesn’t just want to survive the current Corona Economy but wants to set up something special within their business, a new revenue stream that will last for the rest of your career.

You and 19 other architects will implement the most powerful component of the SIX program, nothing else, complete focus on the LCC Method - the jewel in the SIX crown. 

Click the button below to sign up while spots are still available.

Richard Petrie

Architect Marketing Institute

AMI Members Are Achieving Success With the LCC Method in the Middle of the Pandemic

Out-maneuver the pandemic and add a new consulting department in the next 90 days to secure your business's future.

You and 19 other architects will work with Richard Petrie closely over the next 3 months, implementing, marketing and selling your services in ways that make your firm resilient and able to thrive.

While you cannot out run the Corona Economy you can out-maneuver it and move your focus to planning, feasibility, research. Generate revenue and fill a project pipeline for when construction is rolling again.

Click the button to join while spots are still available.

Our Guarantee

You're Protected By Our 90-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee
We are so confident this information will change the way you do business that we can offer a 90-day unconditional money-back guarantee. If you change your mind for any reason, or no reason what so ever, just let us know and we will happily return your money in full. 

No questions, no hassle.
What Some Our Members Say About Working With Us
British architect takes action, using a Monkey’s Fist and architect referral marketing
“We've been enrolled [in AMI] since March 10, 2017. In just three months … we’ve taken action. First thing was a Monkey's Fist ... and a Needs and Options Review to describe to the customer what the benefits are for them. At a trade show this year, we've got 65 leads. ... Far better than the results we got last year at the same show. In our first edition of a newsletter, we featured an interview with someone who's on our Dirty 30 list ... He’s found work from it, and we're able to refer work to him. Another key part is referral marketing.”

“Financially, we're looking upwards of 50% profit ... It's just where we want to be. It's enabled us to do a lot of things, including come to this great Architect Business Development Summit. We've always wanted to come to New York. Getting our time back has been great. I'm able to manage our time ... I'm booking people in advance. AMI has accelerated our journey … I encourage any of you who have any doubts at the moment ... take action, do it today, do it now.”

James Sizer
SA Architectural Services
Norfolk, England
Architect’s confidence and client’s understanding leads to a ‘phenomenal close rate’
“I'm paced to earn 35% more money this year. My billings for the first two months are up 175% from last year. The reason is - I've been closing projects. I've sent out 9 proposals from mid-December to mid-February … 7 have signed up.”

“Now I think of marketing as educating, and I feel empowered. I'm attracting the right kind of clients. My website educates. … and the proposals I've been sending out are to my ideal clients. When people come into my office and talk to me … I use the FAB method of speaking to them. My preparation makes me confident. Speaking the language of the buyer ... I make sure [my clients] understand the value of what I'll bring to them ... The combination of my confidence and their comprehension is a phenomenal close rate … Take the best thing, not the first thing.”

Peter Twohy
2e Architects
Towson, Maryland
75% success rate in signing clients who receive a Shock and Awe Box
"Last summer, I finally signed up for the Architect Marketing training. ... I eagerly devoured the 12 marketing lessons. What I learned from the AMI training was completely different than approaches from the earlier PR in marketing companies. My first success was with a potential [client] who couldn't get another architect in town to call him back. Our LCC was to go and look at a piece of property he was considering buying. We charged $400 for the site visit and that turned into a $175,000 fee for his new house - not bad!

We've had about a 75% success rate in signing potential clients who have first received our Shock and Awe Box. ... We also raised our fees as instructed by Richard...and that was actually pretty easy. The area where I'm seeing the most potential growth is with the ArchReach and Circle of Love. ... With custom homes, it could be years as people mull and think about their new house before they finally get started. ... Now, when our monthly Circle of Love emails goes out, there are several potentials who always email me back . I expect when they're ready to build they'll call us first."

Jane Frederick
Frederick + Frederick Architects
Beaufort, South Carolina

The LCC Method:
An Incredible 7-Step Selling System For Architects and Designers

This program is about the Mindset & the Art of Selling Without Selling by following clear and predictable steps to start winning more of the projects you should be winning
Rapport: Creating a Human Connection
✓   Why does a high-rapport connection seem to possess magical qualities between two human beings

✓   ​What rapport really is, and how we can turn on rapport more often

✓   How to get into rapport

✓   ​How to lead a prospect emotionally to a state of mind where they are more likely to say "Yes"
1st base: Does the person meet the 5 essential criteria to be considered a genuine prospect?

2nd base: Will the client agree to your rules and your road map?

3rd base: Does the client understand their risks and are they prepared to put in place the measures to reduce that risk?

4th base: Does the client agree to pay you to conduct your pre-design research?

Only if the client gets around all four bases can you accept them for the design phase!
✓   ​The questions you need to ask to find out what the client thinks they want
✓   The questions you need to ask to find out what the client really wants

✓   ​The two questions that won my first client 80% of her projects while making her prospective clients cry (in a good way...)
Three tier fee proposal yields high results
“One of the techniques [from AMI is] on proposal writing. The suggestion is to include three different levels of fees. The first level of fee would be less than what the client was asking for - not only lower fee, lower services. The second was exactly what the client was looking for in terms of services. ... The third was a 'wow factor' fee; - everything you can include in the services and make sure it includes something the client wasn't looking for. “

“The result of that type of proposal was really surprising. 5 out of 5 clients were very appreciative for the multiple options. They had greater clarity ... a lower fee meant less services; a higher fee meant more services. That was something we took for granted ... but they seem to be understanding that at a much higher level. Ultimately, the payoff was... 4 out of 5 that we've submitted these last two months have been successful. We got the call-back, we won the contract, started the work, we've started turning our firm around. We're seeing half of the fee target for the year; we trust that the latter half of this year will meet the rest of our fee target or exceed it.”

Howard Lee
Vision Architects
Clarksville, Tennessee
Proposal / Prescribe
✓   The two things you need to run through in a presentation

✓   ​The FAB formula that bypasses logic and reason and forces the client to make decisions emotionally

✓   ​The closing technique used by the world’s most profitable companies that can – and should – always be used by architects
Adjust: Handling Pricing Objections
✓   What to do if the client is not ready to move ahead or has concerns

✓   How to overcome objections without resistance

✓   How to isolate exactly what is stopping the client from making a decision
✓   Why this is the easiest step in the whole process

✓   What to say if the client still hesitates, to get them back on track

✓   The details you will need to put in place
Referrals & Testimonials
In this module you are not only going to ask and expect referrals but you will be planting the seeds constantly. This module could be the most valuable in the whole process when its ability to exponentially grow your business is applied.

✓   The secret time to ask for referrals (note - it is a lot earlier than you think but you need to know how)

✓   How to get ‘brilliant’ testimonials that tug on the heartstrings of your next potential dream client and ‘sell’ clients on you so you don’t have to
Here's what architect Chris Doktor from Massachusetts has to say...
36-year-old firm systematizes, becomes more profitable
"Before Architect Marketing, we tended to approach marketing in a very reactionary way, so that meant that we would wait for proposals to come or request for proposals … Since we've done this course, we have implemented a few things. The inner circle [and] the newsletter to our inner circle using a modified version of the templates provided by Architect Marketing. We've started using the Low Commitment Consultation in our proposals, which … certainly eases them in … We've also implemented the systematized referrals as well as the flow chart.

I want to thank all of you, String and Richard and Enoch, for giving us the insight into systematizing certainly our marketing, but also giving us a new approach to looking at other areas of the practice … As a new generation of leadership takes over for the firm, we look to the systematizing of all the areas of our practice, so that our practice can be scalable as well as more profitable."

Chris Doktor
Olson Lewis + Architects
Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts

4 Bonuses to Give You An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competitors

Star Story Solution Report
The Star Story Solution is an advanced strategy for those who want to truly dominate their market. Currently only our mastermind members have ever heard this training and apply it in everything they do.

With this strategy you can eliminate all competition and be positioned as the only choice even before your first meeting. You will see how religions, martial arts and politicians use this approach to rise above everyone else.
Valued at $200
Power Pyramid Training
In this module you are not only going to ask and expect referrals but you will be planting the seeds constantly. This module could be the most valuable in the whole process when its ability to exponentially grow your business is applied.

✓   Advanced positioning that goes glove-in-hand with star story solution

✓   Find out how to charge premium prices and yet have more people wanting to work with you​
✓   Discover why low fees and free work are costing you projects and you’ll never make these mistakes again
Valued at $200
Q&A Call Recordings
Want to see what other members in the group are winning with? 

Then watch the monthly recorded Q&A session to catch up... and, more importantly, attend the next live sessions with Richard and get your questions answered.
Valued at $997

 Let’s address a few reasonable questions you may have right now.

“But clients will not accept paying for pre-design advice when other architects will give advice for free”
That is the good news. Yes many would not want to pay for advice, they like the idea of YOU coming to their site and giving them free ideas. These people will not say yes to your LCC Method process.

And you can thank me for that.

Avoiding bad clients who have unrealistic expectations is part of running a successful design firm. How do you think Norman Foster or Frank Lloyd Wright reacted when someone would ask them to come for a free site visit?

At least 40% (maybe a lot more) of the potential clients you talk with are NOT suitable for you. You don’t want them as clients for whatever reason. Maybe they want too much free advice, maybe they have unrealistic expectations of the project cost or are delusional about the fees they should pay an architects.

The QUICKER you qualify these people OUT the better. The last thing you want is to have these people string you along for months and then tell you just when you expect your first check that they are going with someone else.

If you are doing residential work then a lot of these clients are doctors, lawyers, accountants and professionals like you. All these people charge for advice. They might allow a free first meeting to get to know you, but if you asked a lawyer to map out a plan to get your child off his drug charge, and you’ll pay her if you like the plan, they will laugh at you.

When people pay, they pay attention.

Frankly many people feel more comfortable paying for advice. Many feel uncomfortable being in some twilight zone, not knowing what is being charged for, and don’t like the feeling of ‘using’ a professional. For many seeing an architect do a lot of work and giving a lot of time without charging is an awkward, weird experience. They’d prefer to pay.
“But clients won’t follow a strong step-by-step process prior to hiring an architect”
Yes they will, and they do, when you present your LCC Method process in the right way. 

Clients are secretly begging to be led. Projects are risky business for the person paying, there is a good chance things can go wrong and price can explode above the budget. Clients want a strong hand running the process, if they see you buckling and compromising and easily pushed around during the sales process that does not engender confidence. 

When clients see you have a PROVEN PROCESS you revere that evaluates the fit between you and them, you project certainty and strength. You look like a pro who is not on his or her first rodeo and won’t be blown around in the wind.
“Ok, I agree I should be paid but I’ve been giving my time and advice away for so long I don’t know what to say
I will give you the exact words to use in the LCC Method Training. You will receive the magically effective LCC Method script, but even better, I will give you a video you can send to clients before the first meeting that will explain your process for you. When It comes to words, this video has been crafted to within an inch of its life. When clients watch this video you won’t just convince them they need paid advice, they will be asking for it.

We use the metaphor of going to a doctor and doing a diagnosis first. As an architect you need to do a diagnosis on their project first too, because prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.

What reasonable clients wants a design prescription without a thorough diagnosis? The close rate when clients watch this video or when you use this script is high.

The clients who do not want a paid diagnosis are not worth having.
“I don’t have much money and can’t afford the LCC Method
That’s why you need to get onboard. Stop thinking like a pauper. There is an abundant world outside called Sunshine Island for those who take the right steps.

How much did you pay to get your design qualifications? Plenty. 30-40-70-100 thousand dollars but all that got you was a job in a firm.

For only a couple of thousand more you can have a profitable business doing projects you enjoy. You are not buying a course, you are buying a mindset and methodology to winning better projects that open a door to a better life. If you can’t bring yourself to invest in yourself then do it for your kids.
In summary...
The old way of selling design services of MEET - PROPOSAL - FOLLOW UP is outdated and puts the architect into a weak mindset of humble servant and salesman.

When you stop selling you take control and choose the clients you work with.

The LCC Method was developed for architects by people who want to buy design services. This is the way we want to hire an architect. This methodology is like a doctor onboarding a patient rather than a carpet salesman running all over town.

Who is Richard Petrie and Why Should I Listen to Him?

From Professional Athlete to High Performance Coach
Oh shoot, writing in the third person is the worst! 

Here goes...

Richard Petrie is the world's leading architect marketing coach. He has a degree in marketing from University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Formerly he was a professional athlete for the New Zealand national cricket team where he competed at the highest levels of athletic competition around the world.

He brings that same high performance mindset to marketing for his clients that include hundreds of architects around the world. 

He's the author of three books including The Big Idea Letter, Sunshine Island: A Parable of Architectural Success, and What To Do When Your Marketing Sucks and he’s consulted with business leaders and dignitaries around the world.

He's helped over 600 architects from around the world grow their businesses with his powerful marketing systems.

Are You Ready To Stop Losing The Projects You Should Be Winning?

The Architect Marketing Institute is committed to creating the best marketing programs in the world for small and medium size architecture firms and delivering them at a reasonable price since we have a mostly digital distribution and training.

Imagine how your business would look in the months and years to come with a truly unique marketing system for your firm.
Purchase the LCC Method Selling System now for only $1,997
Extended payment plan available: 4 monthly installments of $597.
Order today and you will also get access to 12x Monthly Live Q&As Calls
In addition to the LCC Method, you’ll also get access to Richard's exclusive monthly Q&As. 

In these LIVE sessions you can ask Richard your most pressing marketing questions or have Richard review your marketing right there!

These live Q&As aren't sold separately, they have only been reserved for our private clients in the past but you can get this exclusive support right now with the LCC Method.
Valued at $1,997

Skipped to the bottom?

Here's a quick recap of everything you'll get inside the LCC Method training and bonuses:
The LCC Method
An Incredible 7-Step Selling System For Architects and Designers.
(Valued at $1,997)

Star Story Solution Report
An advanced strategy to eliminate all competition and be positioned as the only choice, even before your first meeting.
(Valued at $200)

Power Pyramid Training
Learn how to charge premium prices while creating more demand for your services.
(Valued at $200)

Q&A Call Recordings
See what other members in the group are doing to attract clients and win projects.
(Valued at $997)

12x Monthly Live Q&As Calls
In these sessions you can ask Richard your most pressing marketing questions or have Richard review your marketing LIVE on the call!
(Valued at $1,997)
Total Value $5,391

Need More Proof?

The success of the Architect Marketing Institute is directly related to the success of our clients — architects just like you! See more success stories on how effective marketing and sales is changing the lives of architects and design professionals from around the world.

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