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LCC Method - the Incredible 7 Step Selling System for Architects

The system that will change your entire approach to selling architectural services, and help you win more of the project inquiries that come your way.

Only $1997 or 4 monthly payments of $597
  • Mindset & the Art of Selling Without Selling
  • Step 1: Rapport: Creating a Human Connection
  • Step 2: Qualification
  • Step 3: Diagnosis
  • Step 4: Proposal / Prescribe
  • Step 5: Adjust - Handling Price Objections
  • Step 6: Confirm
  • Step 7: Referrals & Testimonials
Tired of being a salesperson? 
Want to be respected like a doctor and paid like a lawyer? Want to win more of the projects that currently go to competitors?

This is for you.
30-Day Unconditional Guarantee

We are so confident this information will change the way you do business that we can offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. If you change your mind for any reason, or no reason what so ever, just let us know and we will happily return your money in full. 

No questions, no hassle.
British architect takes action, using a Monkey’s Fist and architect referral marketing
“We've been enrolled [in AMI] since March 10, 2017. In just three months … we’ve taken action. First thing was a Monkey's Fist ... and a Needs and Options Review to describe to the customer what the benefits are for them. At a trade show this year, we've got 65 leads. ... Far better than the results we got last year at the same show. In our first edition of a newsletter, we featured an interview with someone who's on our Dirty 30 list ... He’s found work from it, and we're able to refer work to him. Another key part is referral marketing.”

“Financially, we're looking upwards of 50% profit ... It's just where we want to be. It's enabled us to do a lot of things, including come to this great Architect Business Development Summit. We've always wanted to come to New York. Getting our time back has been great. I'm able to manage our time ... I'm booking people in advance. AMI has accelerated our journey … I encourage any of you who have any doubts at the moment ... take action, do it today, do it now.”

James Sizer
SA Architectural Services
Norfolk, England
Three tier fee proposal yields high results
“One of the techniques [from AMI is] on proposal writing. The suggestion is to include three different levels of fees. The first level of fee would be less than what the client was asking for - not only lower fee, lower services. The second was exactly what the client was looking for in terms of services. ... The third was a 'wow factor' fee; - everything you can include in the services and make sure it includes something the client wasn't looking for. “

“The result of that type of proposal was really surprising. 5 out of 5 clients were very appreciative for the multiple options. They had greater clarity ... a lower fee meant less services; a higher fee meant more services. That was something we took for granted ... but they seem to be understanding that at a much higher level. Ultimately, the payoff was... 4 out of 5 that we've submitted these last two months have been successful. We got the call-back, we won the contract, started the work, we've started turning our firm around. We're seeing half of the fee target for the year; we trust that the latter half of this year will meet the rest of our fee target or exceed it.”

Howard Lee
Vision Architects
Clarksville, Tennessee
Multi-lingual architect in Spain finds her niche
"There weren't enough leads and we weren't making money and I was sick of it. I was actually thinking of changing career when I came across the Marketing Academy and it all sounded, actually, pretty good. The main thing is that we identified a group of clients that was going to be good-value clients for us to go for. It was so screamingly obvious, but we weren't doing it. [Now] we very openly go for that market and that actually is the market with money at the moment. Things are getting better in Spain, but that's the market that's improving most rapidly. Now, I'm earning money and that's fantastic. So thank you!"

Co Govers
Zest Architecture
Barcelona, Spain
Architect’s confidence and client’s understanding leads to a ‘phenomenal close rate’
“I'm paced to earn 35% more money this year. My billings for the first two months are up 175% from last year. The reason is - I've been closing projects. I've sent out 9 proposals from mid-December to mid-February … 7 have signed up.”

“Now I think of marketing as educating, and I feel empowered. I'm attracting the right kind of clients. My website educates. … and the proposals I've been sending out are to my ideal clients. When people come into my office and talk to me … I use the FAB method of speaking to them. My preparation makes me confident. Speaking the language of the buyer ... I make sure [my architect clients] understand the value of what I'll bring to them ... The combination of my confidence and their comprehension is a phenomenal close rate … Take the best thing, not the first thing.”

Peter Twohy
2e Architects
Towson, Maryland
Raised revenue by 50% in six months
“I started being more consistent in charging for initial consultations, which I now call a Feasibility Study. I already had a low cost initial design package, but I raised the fees on that as well and call it a Preliminary Schematic Design. I admit, it was really scary for me to raise my fees. I was doubting my ability to convince other people that I was worth it. That worry didn't last very long. I began seeing results … within a few weeks. Within just 6 short months, I had raised my revenue for my [architecture firm] about 50%. So I had to get new talents (staff) to help me fulfill my commitments to my clients.”

“It looks like we're going to be raising our [architecture firm] revenue 70%. And the year is only halfway done! I also implemented some automations by using ArchReach - great tool. I also filmed a video on and I started sharing more on social media. I want to thank you ... at AMI... by bringing all of this confidence. “

Jennifer Kretschmer, AIA
J. Kretschmer Architect
Los Gatos, California
Her best year yet, approaching $1M
"Thank you all, I really appreciate your support. I love being part of this Architect Marketing group … I'm actually on track to have my best year ever. Pretty close to hitting $1M this year, which is about 40% higher than last year, so not too shabby, I'd say. All this massive action is starting to pay off."

Tanya Shively
Sesshu Design Associates
Scottsdale, Arizona
75% success rate in signing clients who receive a Shock and Awe Box
"Last summer, I finally signed up for the Architect Marketing training. ... I eagerly devoured the 12 marketing lessons. What I learned from the AMI training was completely different than approaches from the earlier PR in marketing companies. My first success was with a potential [client] who couldn't get another architect in town to call him back. Our LCC was to go and look at a piece of property he was considering buying. We charged $400 for the site visit and that turned into a $175,000 fee for his new house - not bad!

We've had about a 75% success rate in signing potential clients who have first received our Shock and Awe Box. ... We also raised our fees as instructed by Richard...and that was actually pretty easy. The area where I'm seeing the most potential growth is with the ArchReach and Circle of Love. ... With custom homes, it could be years as people mull and think about their new house before they finally get started. ... Now, when our monthly Circle of Love emails goes out, there are several potentials who always email me back . I expect when they're ready to build they'll call us first."

Jane Frederick
Frederick + Frederick Architects
Beaufort, South Carolina
From ‘networking in vain’ to buying her own office
"I'm standing in front of what is perhaps the most visible sign of my success. This is my office that I bought last year with the increased revenue from my business … I didn't want to go into business for myself … but I needed to do this only because I was waiting for the recession to be over and then I could get a ‘real job’ again. People suggested that I try networking. I spent that year networking my ass off. I went to referral groups and Chamber of Commerce meetings. I went to coffee groups and I went to ladies groups and it was all in vain. In 2013, I joined Architect Marketing and started working with Richard, Enoch and Eric, developing strategies on how to get clients."

Rachel Burton
Swallowtail Architects
Summerville, South Carolina
36-year-old firm systematizes, becomes more profitable
"Before Architect Marketing, we tended to approach marketing in a very reactionary way, so that meant that we would wait for proposals to come or request for proposals … Since we've done this course, we have implemented a few things. The inner circle [and] the newsletter to our inner circle using a modified version of the templates provided by Architect Marketing. We've started using the Low Commitment Consultation in our proposals, which … certainly eases them in … We've also implemented the systematized referrals as well as the flow chart.

I want to thank all of you, String and Richard and Enoch, for giving us the insight into systematizing certainly our marketing, but also giving us a new approach to looking at other areas of the practice … As a new generation of leadership takes over for the firm, we look to the systematizing of all the areas of our practice, so that our practice can be scalable as well as more profitable."

Chris Doktor
Olson Lewis + Architects
Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts
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