Learn Secrets Most Architects Will Never Know About Influencing, Persuading and Winning Premium Clients
Why won't most architects know these secrets?
Because unlike you, they won't take the time to download and watch this free, 20 minute video on how to speak your client's language.

26 architects flew in to Las Vegas for an intensive private two-day training workshop led by Richard Petrie, the world's leading architect marketing coach.

They left that session filled with enthusiasm, new ideas and fresh perspectives, as well as Richard's superbly practical methods for building rapport, communicating with and ultimately persuading prospective clients.

These architects told us: "This is an epiphany, a game changer and a business changer. A reinvention of how to approach talking with clients."

We filmed the entire dramatic process and boiled it down into a succinct series of training videos. 

Now you can get Module #2 on Benefit Busting - FREE.
In this training you will learn...
  •     Why architects struggle to ‘sell’ their services
  •     How to align what you say with how buyers think
  •     The 3-step F.A.B. framework that translates dry features into compelling, hard-hitting benefits
Architects talk about what they learned at the event ...

Tim Berneche
Chicago IL (USA)

Virginia Rogers
Toronto ON (Canada)

Don Lee
Orange CA (USA)

Evangelo Kalmantis
Windsor ON (Canada)

Eddie Gontram
Raleigh NC (USA)

Rachel Burton
Summerville SC (USA)

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