When it comes to winning dream projects
… you don’t get what you deserve, 
you get what your marketing deserves.

You need a competitive advantage.

Watch this short video to learn how our SIX members install the proven Architect Marketing systems and gain a competitive advantage.

Here's What Other Architects Are Saying:
"We got a project recently that's a $400,000 remodel... and another one last week which is a new winery. And I've never done a winery before, but these people were so confident about my process and my structure... and the questions I was asking them... that I got both of these projects with just a half hour phone consultation"
Erik Mikiten 
Mikiten Architecture
Berkeley, California
"This is the office I bought last year with the increased revenue from my business"
Rachel Burton
Swallowtail Architecture
Summerville, South Carolina
"I set out with my overall goal of doubling my business which made setting my 90 day goal pretty easy... and that was to double my income. As of this morning I did my final tallies, and not only did I meet my goal, but I smashed it by about 40%"
Shannon Doyle
SPD Architecture
Fort Collins, Colorado
"We're kicking butt :)

I've moved from being a technician to being a business owner. I've just hired my second full time employee and fourth independent contractor. We are clearly growing as the market leader in our niche and are receiving weekly inquiries to work with our team.
Zeke Freeman
Root Architecture and Design
Denver, Colorado, USA
"For the last 20 years, I've been a struggling single-person practice. Always had lots of clients. Never made any money. They were all giving me a lot of grief and not paying me very much, so I joined the Architects Marketing group less than a year ago in an attempt to do something about it. My aim was to thin out my clients, so I have adopted two strategies: Firstly, charge to go and see someone. ‘That'll thin them out,’ I thought… Nope, it just meant that they started paying me, and they started saying things like, ‘Wow you can charge to come and see us? You must be good.’

Still too much work. Okay, need to put my fees up. Well, I put my fees up 300%. That's surely now going to stop people from wanting to use me, and I can get on with doing some work. Nope, that just meant that now people are paying me more. Twenty years of doing it wrong, now I have a drafting technician. I have a graduate architect working for me, and I have a BA in spacial design and interior design working for me as well."
Darryl Mackenzie
New Zealand
"I love being part of this Architect Marketing group … I'm actually on track to have my best year ever. Pretty close to hitting $1M this year, which is about 40% higher than last year, so not too shabby, I'd say. All this massive action is starting to pay off."
Tanya Shively
Sesshu Design Associates
Scottsdale, Arizona
"“Very positive results so far... I'm closing a higher percentage of projects and at higher fees.

Attitude toward marketing has changed dramatically - actually excited about it for the first time - ever!

Spending less time chasing "bad" projects and focusing on the niche in which we are best suited to excel.”
Dan Sherer
Sherer Architects
West Columbia, SC, USA
"(We've had) positive responses from existing and potential clients... Increased confidence to express the value we offer in a language the client understands.

The team has refocused on what is important to our clients and what is important to us.

This engagement has reignited our drive to develop client relationships and put the fun and challenge back into the office culture... everyone is on board and enjoying."

Dennis Butler
Vabasis Architects
Greenslopes, QLD, Australia
"Within 2 months of targeting a new design-build contractor, I had two new substantial residential addition/renovations, and several more leads that I had to decline due to too much work.”
Thomas Downer
Downer Associates
Cambridge, MA, USA
"Five years ago we were doing any project that came through the door... Now, we're doing whole-house renovations. We're doing brand new homes. We're very selective about the clients we accept. That means I get to pick and choose which projects I want to work on but, just as importantly, which clients I want to work with. That makes everyone happier... Life is a little bit more fun"
Peter Twohy
2e Architects
Towson, Maryland
"The LCC & multi-option proposals have worked a treat to raise the average fee per project.”
Duncan Sinclair
Whanganui, New Zealand
"(I have) More clients that are ready to move forward more quickly. Increased profit. I'm a start up firm so learning how to market well is key to moving forward and getting to the stuff that actually pays"

Greg Croft
Sage Leaf Group
Idaho Falls, ID, USA
“(Our) New approach to client enquiries has lead to almost 100% take up of N+O Appraisals (paid appraisals)"

Rod Hughes
2030 Architects
Penrith, United Kingdom
" (The) Recent exercise of pricing options had great results. Got hired for a full package of services without price haggling. Will definitely keep this from now on.”

Roderick Anderson
Sarco Architects
Costa Rica
"“LCC [low-commitment consultation] works great. Not wasting time on tyre kickers.”
Carol Marrayeh
Marra + Yeh Architects
Darlington, NSW, Australia
"I felt like, before we started in this program, all we knew how to do in terms of marketing was to put up a website, maybe ask around for referrals and hope that some of these random efforts would pan out. It all felt kind of haphazard. Now I feel like we have a whole system for marketing"

Tyrone Yang
Yang Architects
Greater Boston, Massachusetts, Area
"I no longer give free consultations, thus eliminating the tire kickers and Walmartians. My clients are ready to buy my way or they take the highway. I have secured several better quality projects as a result and spent less time punishing myself.”
Ron Halfhill
Verdant Ventures
Sunnyvale, CA, USA
"“We entered into a needs and options contract for $5,000, and that turned into a major Master Planning and Design project with $2,000,000 in fees, along with a marketing agreement with the client.”

Vincent Pieri
Pieri Architects
San Juan, Puerto Rico
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