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Finally! A Clear and Proven Marketing Plan for an Architecture Firm
Discover How To Find And Attract The Best Clients And Projects With This Free, Step-by-Step Flowchart
Dear Fellow Architect:

When it comes to finding more clients, I used to depend on word-of-mouth referrals from past clients or other contacts only.

Unfortunately, this passive approach left me at the mercy of my existing network, and didn't smooth out the ups and downs of running my architecture practice!

It also kept me from growing and bringing on new projects as quickly as I wanted.

I found myself worrying about where the next project was going to come from or taking projects 'just to pay the bills'.

This isn't what I had imagined when I was in architecture school!

Then one day, I discovered the principles you'll learn in this flowchart, and it has made all the difference for me. Consider yourself lucky for finding this page because now you can have it too.

Enoch Sears AIA

Founder of Business Of Architecture, Co-founder of Architects Marketing, Registered Architect
This simple, step-by-step flowchart reveals what I had been searching for for YEARS!
In this free PDF download you'll discover the step-by-step marketing plan flow chart that you can copy and implement in your practice to:
  • Make your firm visible so that your potential client can easily find and contact you (instead of you chasing them)
  • Prepare your clients so they are ready to move ahead without haggling over fees
  • Use free, automated tools to have clients 'pre-sold' before they ever meet with you face to face
Don’t leave yourself, your firm and your family at the mercy of your network and chance. Discover what you can do to set up a marketing 'system' for your practice with this step-by-step flowchart. 

Click the 'Download Now' button and you'll be looking at it in a matter of minutes.
Here's some feedback from architects who have implemented just a few of the steps on this flowchart:
" the end of the meeting [the potential clients] were already telling us why the other [architecture firm] wouldn't be a good fit for them... This is fun!

- Mette Aamodt, aamodt/plumb architects
I received a phone call...that went something like this:

Client: "Zeke, ... Is there something I'm missing here? Your fee is about double the other two architects' proposals."

Zeke: "'s all the great benefits you receive from working with us that other architects are probably missing and will cost you money down the road..."

Client: "Zeke, we've been really impressed with the process you've walked us through so far and felt a good connection with you. We'd like to go ahead and move forward with you on this project. In fact, if this one goes well, we have another project in Seattle we'd like to discuss with you..."

- Zeke Freeman, Root Architecture & Development
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