A 4-Part Mini-Course on How to Double Referrals for your Architecture Firm
Unfair Marketing Secrets for Architects
In this free, online 90-minute presentation you'll discover how your small firm can get the unfair edge.

No, it isn’t with social media.
No, it isn’t by slashing your fees.
And it isn’t by specializing.

You’ll see how to use the wonders of technology to replicate what in the past you’d need a receptionist, personal assistant, and full-time business development person to do.

  •  The 3 essential pages that 99% of all architecture firm websites are missing
  •  What architects do that encourages potential clients to negotiate their fees lower (and what to do instead)
  •  The process we set up for our clients that automatically books their calendar with meetings from project-ready, deep-pocket potential clients (all you have to do is sign them up)
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We've been able to distill all of my theory and strategies into 4 pragmatic tools.

In 2018 you can do LESS yet achieve MORE.

If you have ever felt confused or overwhelmed by marketing then the end of obstacles is nigh. Everything you need to win is packed into the four ‘unfair’ tools that you'll see demonstrated on this webinar.

Years from now you will look back on 2018 and the year you decided to play ‘unfair’.

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Richard Petrie

Richard Petrie is Co-Founder of the Architect Marketing Institute and the world's leading architect marketing coach. He has a degree in marketing from University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Formerly he was a professional athlete for the New Zealand national cricket team where he competed at the highest levels of athletic competition around the world.

He's helped grow dozens of small and medium sized businesses with his powerful marketing systems, including his first architect client who was able to triple her new architecture practice year over year.
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